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[Bug] Links not rendering in table when a newline is before it


When you enter the following into a table it does not render the link. It keeps the brackets.
But if you enter a space between them the link gets rendered. The work around causes layout
issue where the link is not lined up with the text above.



I see it too, Donny. Thanks, my friend!

We will get it fixed :slight_smile:


This still seems to be an issue in June 2018, version 3.5.15.


It’s true, @geirsag. This bug is still present in the desktop version of the app. I’m sorry about that.

We are hard at work at the next version of the desktop app which is based on our new native editor. In that editor, this bug is fixed.

We hope to have a beta by the end of the summer, with a release later this year. :slight_smile: