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BUG: Microsoft Edge collapsing extra spacing in grid


I often add extra spaces before the text in a grid cell so I can place an icon on top and make it look like the cell contains the icon followed by the text. This method has always worked on Desktop and works fine in Wireframes for Google Drive when using Chrome, but I’ve been using Edge since the “Paste” action stopped working in Chrome and have discovered that my extra spacing is being “collapsed”, making the text shift to the left so the icon is now sitting on top of it instead of next to it. I have confirmed that this behaviour difference happens no matter where the extra spaces are inserted in the text - that is, the whitespace is collapsed.

Here is a screenshot showing an example viewed in Chrome:

Here is a screenshot showing the same example viewed in Edge:

The code in the grid, with a yellow highlight indicating the extra spaces (there are eight)

Bug: Copy/Paste broken in Chrome

Hi @Jenni_Merrifield

Thanks so much for the post and this report. I am able to reproduce this easily so thanks for the clear explanation.

I’ll get this written up for attention internally. In the meantime, we released a fix for the Chrome paste bug this morning so you should be able to go back to Chrome now.

Please get back to us if you have any more questions, ok?

All the best,



You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

And I’m very glad to see I can go back to using Chrome!