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[Bug] Mockups 3 crashes every time I put macbook to sleep


Hi. I’m running Mockups 3.5.6 on Win 10, Version 1607, OS Build 14393.693, I was having the same issue with 3.5.5, putting the computer in sleep mode, on wake-up Mockups will ask me to save the Project every 20 to 30 seconds. I saved the Project as a new name and closed & reopened Mockups but 9+ hours worth of work was gone, the auto save was not saving, my new Project file name was not present anywhere on the computer. Very frusatinging to say the least. Yesterday I upgraded to 3.5.6 :unamused:


So sorry to hear that, @DonO. :disappointed:

Have you tried to check in your local store folder for this file?
The folder to look for is called LocalProjects, as detailed here.

Hopefully, it will have a recent version of your file but if not, please email us and we’ll dig deeper!


Excellent, thank you Virgin, I found what I needed, much appreciated!



Similar deal - on Mac, if I disconnect from my monitor, balsamiq crashes. Brendan is this the same issue that you were referring to back on 10/15? Is it supposed to be fixed OR is still an issue?


I haven’t personally experienced this issue since the 3.5.1 update, @Raj, but I think the triggers are still there, unfortunately. :frowning:

Once we ditch Adobe Air, we will ditch this bug for good. :slight_smile:


wow your handling of this bug is truly awful! this is still happening in Feb 2018


So sorry to hear that this one still affects you, @vsethi.

The good news is that we are getting closer to our new native Desktop version (hopefully this year).

In the meantime, you may want to try out Balsamiq Cloud, our new web version. It features the new and native editor that will be used in the upcoming Desktop version.

We’re getting there!


I found this thread after experiencing this issue myself, and wanted to share the solution that has worked for me:

I noticed that the version of Adobe Air bundled in ‘Balsamiq Mockups’ was several years old. As an experiment, I downloaded the latest Adobe Air installer from and replaced the ‘Adobe AIR.framework’ directory in ‘Balsamiq Mockups’ with the version extracted from Adobe’s installer.

You can access the contents of these packages from the console, or by right-clicking them in Finder, then clicking ‘Show Package Contents’.

Be sure to exit Balsamiq Mockups before doing this.

This appears to have resolved the crash on sleep issues for me. And I haven’t noticed any other issues with the app yet, though YMMV.

Current Release of Mockups 3 for Desktop: 3.5.16
Scrolling doesn't work on my touchpad
Scrolling doesn't work on my touchpad

Thanks for sharing this, @tristan. I’ll let the team know and see if we can improve it on our end.


We have shipped a new version of Mockups with this fix!


Thanks for the official release!


Thank YOU for finding the fix, my friend.

If you get a chance, shoot us an email. I’d love to send some swag your way.


And nobody looked into my issue…


That fix is coming with the next major version of the desktop app, @Alex_N. I’m sorry if we mislead you there, my friend.

Large Data Grids are something that we cannot do much about in the current version of the app, unfortunately. It’s one of the many reasons we are doing a major re-write

Have we gotten on the beta list yet, Alex? If not, would you like to be? Let me know.


No, I am not in the beta and obviously very interested in participating


Hi @Alex_N,

No problem - should I add you to the list for macOS, Windows or both?


Just Windows please


You are added @Alex_N!


Can you please add me for the Beta for Mac. We work heavily with grids and have seen significant slow down in the desktop version. Everything just drags if you have multipe data grids. And I would not qualify our wireframes as too heavy. Just standard.


You’re added @Stallion_V!