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[Bug] Mockups 3 crashes every time I put macbook to sleep


We have shipped a new version of Mockups with this fix!


Thanks for the official release!


Thank YOU for finding the fix, my friend.

If you get a chance, shoot us an email. I’d love to send some swag your way.


And nobody looked into my issue…


That fix is coming with the next major version of the desktop app, @Alex_N. I’m sorry if we mislead you there, my friend.

Large Data Grids are something that we cannot do much about in the current version of the app, unfortunately. It’s one of the many reasons we are doing a major re-write

Have we gotten on the beta list yet, Alex? If not, would you like to be? Let me know.


No, I am not in the beta and obviously very interested in participating


Hi @Alex_N,

No problem - should I add you to the list for macOS, Windows or both?


Just Windows please


You are added @Alex_N!


Can you please add me for the Beta for Mac. We work heavily with grids and have seen significant slow down in the desktop version. Everything just drags if you have multipe data grids. And I would not qualify our wireframes as too heavy. Just standard.


You’re added @Stallion_V!