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[BUG] Mouse cursor bug when hovering over link-items (lists/buttons/etc)



I’m using Balsamiq Mockups 3 on OSX. When doing full screen presentation on my second screen, the mouse pointer ‘lags’ when hovering over a list with linked items. See the linked image below.

When doing full screen presentations on my primary (MacBook) screen, it doesn’t lag. My second screen has a significantly higher resolution then my primary screen, which possibly is a cause of this problem.

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Yeah @MFTDN, I see it too. I’m sorry about that!

I have a feeling it’s an adobe air thing, so we are going to see what we can do to mitigate it as best we can.

Hopefully, it won’t be a problem for long!

Thanks for the bug report :). Please let us know if you see anything else


One of our Mockups developers (Stefano Brilli - who is a mad scientist of awesome) found that if you set the primary display to your larger display, the problem goes away. Apparently, Air/Flash doesn’t like being on a secondary display.

There is still a little bit of input lag, but it is definitely reduced, and there shouldn’t be any artifacting.

We are moving away from Flash and Air, so this won’t be an issue for much longer (we hope!)


Hi, @Brendan. Thanks for your quick replies! The workaround definitely works, much better. However, it still hapens on my secondary display (in this case being the smaller MacBook display). I had some hope it wouldn’t happen when the secondary display is smaller than the primary display.

As a side note, setting the ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ display on OSX isn’t really intuitive. For those that can’t find it: Go to your OSX System Preferences > Display > Arrangement. There you see all the displays connected. The primary display is the display that shows a little toolbar. Drag the toolbar to the display you want to be primary.

Moving away from Flash and Air sounds like a good idea. When will this be reality?



Thanks for trying that out, not ideal indeed but we hope it will help reducing the pain while we work hard on going native.

We don’t have any specific ETA for this one yet as it is a huge project for our small team but we hope to have more news to share about it soon. It is actually our main focus right now and we can’t wait to make it happen!