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Bug: Old project name still displays in newly saved project


I noticed something weird happening today.

The other day I created a mockup and called it “thinking.” I added pages and worked on it until I got it to the point where I was ready to save it for real.

I used “save as” and gave it a new name “Matter Tab.” When I look up at the program bar the breadcrumb/title piece it reads “page name - thinking […filepath/Matter Tab.bmpr]” (The file path shows the new name)

The “header” on the page itself also still reads “thinking” rather than the new name.

I have restarted the program.
I have restarted the computer.
I have downloaded the newest version of Balsamiq.
I have completely closed and then reopened the project from both the “open project” and from explorer as well.
(I’m using Windows 7)

This doesn’t affect my work really, since it’s saving fine and it opens fine. I just find it odd to see “thinking” still up there in the metadata even though that file has been deleted and this file is a save as version with a new name.


Hi @RaeHanley, this is confusing, but it’s working as designed. We decoupled the file name from the project title, they’re mostly indipendent. The reason is that file names have lots of restrictions on them (depending on your OS, you might not use : or / or ! or other characters in your file name).

Just double-click on the project title or select Rename Project in the Project menu and you should be all set.


Ah! I didn’t realize the project name was independent of the file name since normally I name it “correctly” the first time around.

This makes sense now and I understand why I was still seeing the “old” name.

Thanks! :smile:


When I go to “Window --> Go To Project -->” menu, I see many open projects with same name. I wondered and now (reading the above thread) I understand why. My suggestion would be to add FILE NAME to the “GO TO” menu. For example, I start a new project and save it as P1.bmpr. After making changes, I save it as P2.bmpr. It would be nice to see the GO TO menu as follows:
P1 (P1.bmpr)
P1 (P2.bmpr)

Right now, I see the following and cannot tell which one is which.


I’m not sure about Microsoft Windows, but on OS X there’s also the Project > Open Recent Project menu which shows the actual file with the full path.

  • The Project > Open Recent Project opens a project and it does show the file path
  • The Window > Go To Project only displays already opened projects

I can see how that would be difficult if since you don’t always change the project name, just file name and the two items aren’t tied. Opening a project appears to open two versions of the documents so it’s not a work around…

@Aras_Kannu I’d recommend starting a thread with this as an improvement suggestion so they can put in on their list if enough folks are interested.


Hi everybody,

We have a new release ready for you that should help.
In 3.1.5 we update the project name in the “new project”. It sould make it easier for you to distinguish the two projects.

You can get the latest version here:

And the complete release notes are here: