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Bug on pasting text into text area


Apple Mac. Bug.

Select text widget. Enter text. Exit.

Open text, copy text, delete widget.

Select Text Area widget. open and paste the text.

Text is not pasted, instead strange balsamiq markup language pasted in.

Like this;


This is wrong. Expect it to paste text.


Hi @Martin_Smith and thanks for getting in touch about this. :slight_smile:

I’ve just tried to reproduce it here but the text is copied in the Text Area control, as expected. Are you running the latest version of Mockups 3 for Desktop (3.5.5)?
You can download it here if needed.

Also, are you copy/pasting using the keyboard shortcuts or menu items maybe?

If the issue persists in the latest version, I’d love to see a screencast of it. We want to make sure it works fine for you too.

EDIT: It may also be that you have performed a “copy” while the control was not opened. In this case, you would get a similar result than the one you got (control’s values).


The same happened to me just recently (running 3.5.5), with the comment widget.
I think the cause is I selected the whole widget and then did “copy”, instead of actually selecting the widget and entering text edit mode by double-clicking or F2, and then copying just the actual content.
So, in a way, it’s to be expected to see the markup content when the whole control was copied.


Good catch, Phillip. :slight_smile:

When you select the whole control and copy, Mockups stores the controls JSON in the clipboard, not just the text inside the control. I would bet that is exactly what happened to @Martin_Smith.

Thanks for the assist, my friend!


Pleasure! :nerd: