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Bug: pan after zoom-in jumps on a random position on the canvas


As the title says, I encountered this bug and it’s pretty disruptive.

After a zoom-in (and sometimes after a zoom-out), if I pan, the canvas jumps to a random spot on the canvas, and continues the pan from there. The point is not completely random, it’s vaguely around the correct position, but still way off (around 500-1000px).

Any idea how to solve this?

OSX 10.12.3; Balsamiq 3.5.8


Definitely a weird one, @cosin. I’m sorry about that, my friend.

I’m not able to replicate it here, but I wonder if it has to do with the complexity of the mockup/project.

Would it be possible to email us the BMPR file so that we can run some tests?

If not, a quick test I’d like you to run is to close out of Mockups completely, open a fresh project, and then see if the bug happens in that project.

Sorry again, my friend. We will do everything we can to get it sorted!


I assume the request concerns the following, which I also find very disruptive

Consider: I am zoomed out over a mockup. I place my mouse cursor over the object I want to zoom in on.

I press Ctrl+mouse scroll wheel to zoom in.

The object I wanted to look at in closer detail has moved away from where my cursor is

I zoom in further
The object I wanted to look at in closer detail is no longer visible.


That may be the case indeed @Ryan, thanks for jumping in!

You’re not the first person to expect the zoom to center on cursor position if no object is selected so I’m adding your vote there. Selecting the control should achieve the desired behavior for now.

In case that’s the issue you’re facing too @cosin, please let me know and I’ll add your vote there.


Yup I get the same behaviour, I just assumed it was normal, although obviously not ideal. My workaround for this is to select an item to help center the zooming.

That is not my main problem, but it does happen to me too, as you can can see from these screenshots.

Before zooming

After zoom in

When starting panning (no panning was performed, the offset is the bug I’m talking about)

In this example the jump was pretty small (~400px) but sometimes it’s bigger. And to be honest, even ~400px is pretty annoying.