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Bug: "Paste" is disabled permanently after "Copy" of text within a symbol


To reproduce:

  1. Add a symbol including a text (e.g. Comment or label) to a mockup
  2. Doubleclick the symbol
  3. Copy the text (not the control) within the symbol to clipboard
  4. Leave the edit-mode of the Symbol
    –>> “Paste” is permanently disabled. The Shortcut (Ctrl + V) and the menu item.


Thank you!

Ben and I saw the bug several times but could not nail the trigger.
Copying in step 3 is actually not needed.

The paste command gets reactivated after you edited another text element outside of a symbol.

We get it fixed.



This issue is partly fixed in 3.0.4. The menu items are still disabled with the scenario but the paste shortcut will work. The remaining menu item issue is on our list.

Here are the complete release notes:

As usual you can get the new version here: