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[Bug] Polish chars in text controls

Hi there!
I found that there is no way to type special polish chars (like ęąłóżźćń) into any text controls. I can paste them, but can’t type them.

Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop 4.0.23 (Windows 10)

Hi @orkin and welcome to our forums!

It looks like we’ve had a report of this issue from another customer and we’re currently tracking it. Can I assume you’re entering the characters directly on the keyboard using Right Alt and a letter (e.g. Alt+E)?

I know it’s not ideal but can you work around this for now by typing the text in a text editor or such and pasting it in to the control?

Yup, that’s right. I’m typing using right Alt + a letter. Until you fix this problem, unfortunately I’ll have to do it as you say - with help of the text editor.
Thank you for your response!

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Thanks for understanding @orkin. Bear with me for now - I’ll keep in touch and let you know when this is likely to be fixed.