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Bug: Presentation Mode title bar hides top part of the presentation


When I have my Mockups window on my second screen and switch to Presentation Mode, the title bar covers the top part of my presentation. See Screenshot:

Latest Mockups 3.1.8 for Mac, running Mac OS 10.9.5.

The second screen is the one without the Dock. This happens to be my MacBook’s native screen, whereas my external display is configured as first screen with Dock.


Hi, Eric. I don’t have an external monitor right now to test, but I’ve sent this over to Florian who will get to see it in the morning in Europe.

So problem I see is that it looks like fullscreen mode isn’t going fullscreen on your external monitor because the menubar is visible. The toolbar should be overlaid on top of your Mockup, but Mockups should just fill the display, including the menubar. You would toggle the Toolbar visibility by pressing the T key.


Hi @ericschaetzlein

I can confirm the issue. I fear until we go native this will not change. This is an Adobe Air issue with secondary monitors.

The only trick I can suggest you is to syncronize the monitors. Then the native menu bar will be hidden in the presentation mode.