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[Bug] Property "Text Color" in Checkbox modifies border color, not the text

I think it is comprehensible to expect, that the color of a checkbox label will be modifed by property “Text Color” of a checkbox. Instead the color of the checkbox frame will be changed. So either the name of the property should be changed to “Border Color”, or the selected color should be applied to the label - last would also suit to the behaviour of labels. Currently it is not possible to create labels with the same color when checkboxes and labels are used on a mockup except all labels are black or grey (disabled).

Hey @knrk,
I agree with you on unexpected behavior of the Text Color.
Though, coloring the text is still possible, but a bit tricky:

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ui, didn’t know this trick! Great, thank you. But I still stand by my objection :slight_smile:

Hi @knrk and thanks for your report!

That’s a bug indeed and we’ll get it fixed. :slight_smile:

Hi @Virgin,

thanks for you reply and fast fix. I checked it in BW 4.0.47 and now it works as expected. And you even mentioned me in the release notes! So exciting :-)! For you it might be standard, but for me it is impressive. Thank you!

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