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[BUG] Quick Draw buttons don't work


Hi, Balsamiq!

Thank you for the new desktop version: 3.5.11.

The new version has an issue: when using Quick Draw tool (Ctrl + R, T, Y) and a keyboard is switched to non-English layout, Quick Draw doesn’t work.

In the previous Balsamiq versions this worked perfectly.


Hi @Alexey_Kolchenko,

Sorry about that. Just checking: is the issue showing up on your end if you use only R, T or Y while dragging your mouse?

I’m only asking because you shouldn’t need to use CTRL for drawing these controls, as mentioned here.

Please let me know if the issue persists, we’ll dig deeper if needed!


@Virgin I’ve included CTRL by mistake, sorry.

R, T, Y + Drag don’t work when keyboard is switched to Cyrilic symbols set.


So we think we have found the problem, Alexey. It has to do with the new version of Adobe Air.

We are going to need to some time to find a proper fix for this. In the interim, if you uninstall Adobe Air, and then reinstall Mockups using our installer, that will put you back on Adobe Air 22. Quickdraw should work fine on Adobe Air 22.

Let me know if that works for you, Alexey.

[Bug?] Some keyboard shortcuts stopped to work in non-English layout

Thank you, @Brendan. I don’t know which Air version I have, but after uninstalling it and setting up zip bundle with Air, all is working fine.


Awesome Alexey. I know telling you to not update Air isn’t ideal, so we will dig into this and see what we can do.