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Bug: Renaming Mockup deletes existing name


When renaming a mockup and adding text as a prefix, the remaining text is not preserved.


That one was annoying! Sorry for the hassle @Ryan.

Good News! We already fixed this one in the latest version (3.4.4) available here. Thanks for the report, as always! :slight_smile:


Oh good. Must have been busy when that blog was posted. It’s funny how you usually don’t like nag screens to automatically update software but I could make an exception for Balsamiq. Maybe do something different and prompt to update when the program closes instead of at launch (and other instances are not running)!


Actually, we released this one as a semi-silent one (no blog post) since it was mostly to fix some issues in our Mockups 3 for Confluence Cloud plugin.

We plan to get to an “update notification method” when we go native, thanks for sharing the suggestions my friend! :slight_smile: