Bug Report: Combobox with phantom scrollbar extension

Here’s a weird and fun bug:

  1. Add a Combobox above a black background, just to make this obvious
  2. Enter list of items (try 20 items)
  3. Enable the Scrollbar for the Combobox
  4. Edit the list and delete several from the end of the list (try deleting the last 5)
  5. Click out of the Combobox and it has a “phantom” extension of where the scrollbar used to display.
  6. Disable and re-enable the Scrollbar to resolve.

Before and after:

Hi @lundjames,

Thanks for the report and for the clear instructions on how to reproduce this (which I was immediately able to do).

It looks like this bug is specific to the Mockups editor - i was unable to reproduce it using Balsamiq Wireframes in our Cloud app. I’m not sure if you know but we’re working on new, native desktop apps based on the Wireframes engine so, thankfully, this issue is already resolved for Cloud, Balsamiq Wireframes for Google Drive, Atlassian plug-ins, etc.

Full disclosure - it’s unlikely that we’ll resolve this in the current version of the desktop app. Does the workaround that you discovered yourself work for you?

No worries! I figured it’d likely be obviated by the new release, but I can’t let a good bug go by.

The workaround is simple enough, no skin off my nose if I run into it again. Thanks for the prompt reply, looking forward to the update!

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