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Bug report: Scaling Images that are close to grid end

  1. Take an image
  2. Drag it to the right edge on the grid
  3. Increase the width of the image through the properties
  4. Nothing happens
  5. I would expect the image to be wider


Hi @ArcticMe,

The canvas size limitation is again the one causing this behavior. The same will apply to changing the height if you drag an element (not only images) to the very bottom of the canvas.

As I mentioned in your previous post, going native could help here by allowing an infinite canvas.

In the meantime and as a workaround for now you will need to use one of the following methods:

    • drag the element to the left
  • resize it
  • drag it to the right edge
    • resize it by dragging the left point of the related element (as shown below)

Thanks for taking the time to report this!


Hey, thanks a lot.
Of course I knew this workaround, since I know all the tricks of this beautiful software :wink:
Just kidding, thank you :smiley:

But you know what I mean, its a bit irritating to be honest.
I would expect the image to spread to the left.