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Bug - Save Error leading to file which cannot be moved or deleted 3.5.5


A couple of times now I have had a save error with version 3.5.5. (Probably because of network issues - I don’t have the full details of our IT setup but I believe my working location is on a network, not directly on my machine.)

Thankfully I haven’t lost my mockups because Balsamiq warned me it couldn’t save and suggested I save to another file with a new name.

However the original file is giving me a permissions problem now as it cannot be opened, moved, deleted or have its name changed. I also tried using ‘Save Project As’ from the newly saved file but when I tried overwriting the original it failed with an IOError. (I can send a screenshot of this error if needed. I don’t think I could send you my project files though sorry.) I’m using Windows 7 Enterprise.

So this isn’t an emergency, but it’s a bit annoying as each time this happens I have to start using a different filename or working location for my project, as I can’t get rid of the corrupted files, which slightly impacts my workflow outside Balsamiq.

Perhaps you know of a workaround in Windows that I should try to get rid of these files?

Thanks, Kat


Hi @kati,

So sorry for the trouble with saving your files. Sounds like an annoying workflow to go through indeed.

This is probably due to your autosave mechanism not working well with your network drive configuration. Would you mind trying to disable the autosave, to see if it helps with this issue?

Also, I wanted to mention that we backup every file on a local folder, so you can always check there in case you cannot access one specific file.

About the locked files: let’s run ProcessExplorer to try and figure out who locked your file(s). This will be a good indicator for the next steps needed.

Please let us know if this helps, we’ll dig deeper if needed! You can also reach out via directly if you prefer.

We’ll do our best to help!


Thanks for the quick reply as always!
I’ll have to see if our IT department can help get more info, e.g. by installing ProcessExplorer as you suggested.

It has only happened a couple of times over several weeks (I would guess during a drop in our network connection) so if I disabled Autosave I wouldn’t be able to say if that made a difference for a while, I think I’d rather not risk losing my files.


Just a precision about autosave:

While autosave is disabled, your changes are still being saved to the internal backup file, and they will automatically recover if you close Mockups without remembering to save.

We’ll be here if you need any further help with this or anything else! :slight_smile:


@kati - I have been running Mockups with the autosave function turned off since the feature first became available. I am now able to consistently save my files on my network drive without the worry of losing data. Before this, I was forced to save locally and then copy to the network because our network uses a replication process that doesn’t play well with Mockup file being constantly saved.

If you make a change and close Mockups you will be prompted to save your changes. That along with the built-in local backup (mentioned by @Virgin) ensures my data is always secure.


Thanks @Virgin and @russ

Our IT department are convinced it’s a problem with our network synchronisation not Balsamiq, so you may want to close this.
I wasn’t able to get any information about the locking for you I’m afraid but they did suggest that if the Autosave is very frequent that could cause problems - as a rough guess, they suggested saving once every minute was the maximum our system would cope with.


Ugh, that definitely sounds like our Autosave. I’m sorry @kati.

Hopefully disabling it - and saving manually - will alleviate the file locking issue. Please let us know if it doesn’t.