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BUG - Save location remains on screen permanently


Hi guys,

Loving Mockups 3! Found a bug, though, I think - had a look and couldn’t find it elsewhere on here, apologies if it’s been posted already.

Essentially, Balsamiq is leaving menu options on my screen at random - example uploaded here:

Obviously I’ve obscured some of the content, but that panel is visible regardless of what I do.

Changing my resolution/monitor settings resolves this issue. I’m using Win 7 64 bit with dual monitors, accessing mockups stored on a shared drive, if that helps; I can reproduce this 100% of the time currently.

Edit: This also happens with some other menus. Will post more information when I catch it in action.


That’s super strange, we’ve never seen that. Looking forward to reproduceable steps, thank you and sorry for the hassle!


Does it happen on both monitors? If you drag Balsamiq over to your other monitor do you see the same behavior? I have seen similar odd behavior on other programs with dual monitors. I would see the behavior on one monitor, but not the other.