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[Bug] selected dropdown menu not preserved in mybalsamiq


I create mockups offline in Mockups 3, save as a .zip and then upload them to mybalsamiq for my teammates to reference. Unfortunately when viewed on the web the selected item in the dropdown menu that I set in Mockups 3 is not preserved. Can this be fixed?



Sorry for the hassle with this one @bmurata.

The reason is that the option to select a specific item in the ComboBox/DropDown control was implemented recently in Mockups 3 for Desktop and is not available yet in myBalsamiq, which uses a different version of our editor.

We plan to bring all the version 3 goodness in the next major version of our web version but for now, here is a workaround that can allow you to show a selected item in the control:

  • Add a rectangle and set its size to match one item’s size
  • Set the rectangle border to borderless
  • Set the opacity to 50%
  • Choose the color and overlay the ComboBox control

You can even group the controls together to make the selection easier to move if needed.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you need anything else. :slight_smile:


Hi Virgin,

Thanks for the quick reply. I think you hit the core issue.

In my particular case the behavior that is problematic is that when the drop down menu is closed mybalsamiq does not respect the selected value I set in the desktop.

Using your visual example, drop down menu were instead closed, and I had selected Item 2 in the desktop, when that mockup is shown in mybalsamiq, Item 1 is shown as selected.

Can you share when the next major rev of mybalsamiq will launch? This mismatch is definitely a problem.



Ugh, that would be annoying. I’m sorry @bmurata.

We are hoping to have a closed beta of the next generation of myBalsamiq later this year, so it won’t be a problem for too much longer.

All the same, I’m sorry for any frustration this is causing you. :frowning: