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[Bug] Side-scrolling in Fullscreen presentation flickers erratically


Balsamiq Mockups
Version: 3.3.12 - 03/16/2016 08:18
Adobe Air Player Version: WIN 21,0,0,174
dual-screen setup (2x 1080p)

I have a wide mockup (multiple mobile devices next to each other)
When I go to Fullscreen presentation on my left screen, and try scrolling to the right, the screen flickers between my current scrolling position and the start position (when scrollbar is on the left) wildly.
When I go to Fullscreen on my right screen, it doesn’T flicker as bad, but still flickers.

I remember having a wide mockup in an older version, possibly even 2.x, and that worked fine then.
Bug is present in 3.3.11 aswell.


Hey again, @Lesani! Sorry for the trouble here.

Would it be possible to email your project to us? I’d like to run some tests to see if it’s an Adobe Air issue or not.

Sorry again for any hassle this is causing you!


Hi Brendan!
To eliminate any fault causing part from my imported graphics and stuff I created a new mockup with a wide rectangle (and a few smaller ones to see the flickering)


  • open project
  • go to fullscreen presentation
  • take the vertical scroll bar with the mouse, and drag it to the right
    (optional): - continue dragging the bar slowly after it has reached its limit, it will continue flickering


Perfect Mario, thank you!

We are seeing it on the native viewer too, so we will figure out the cause and do what we can to fix it!


I also am having this issue. On Windows. Same file works fine on my Mac.


Hi @Christopher and sorry for the hassle with that one.

We continue to see it too and we plan to test it more in the next major version (native!) that we are preparing. In the meantime, scrolling using SHIFT+Scrollwheel (up and down) shouldn’t trigger the issue.

Anything else, we’re here! :slight_smile: