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[Bug] Skin and Font changed after saving a project as


Hi everyone,

today I’ve faced a really strange bug. I had a project open, saved it as blahblahblah. And then after it was saved, it was automatically opened, BUT the skin was changed from wireframe to sketch and the font was changed from Segoe to Balsamiq Sans.
Of course it’s not a huge issue to change the skin and the font back, but I find this behavior funny :confused:


Hi @Liubi,

Sorry you’ve hit this snag, this sounds like a weird one indeed.

I tried to reproduce this behavior here but the skin and font remain when I perform a “Save as”.

Did it happen only once or are you able to reproduce it with your file?
If reproducible, would you mind sending your BMPR file to so that we can try to reproduce it here? We will keep your data in the strictest confidence and only long enough to try to debug your issue.

I assume you are running the latest version (3.1.9), right?
If not, could you please update from this page and try again?

Hope this will help. Otherwise we’ll dig deeper! :wink:


Hi @Virgin,

I had this issue just with one project, all others work perfectly. So i cound somehow reproduce it only with one file.
But I can’t share it with you, as I was working on my colleague’s laptop, and he is not allowed to share it with anyone outside of the company((
So if no one else faced this issue, then probably it’s nothing to worry about :slight_smile:


Hi @Liubi,

Thanks for the details provided.

No worries about the file, I understand that some documents just can’t be shared.

I hope you won’t face that issue again, but in case you do please let us know here or via (with the file if possible), we’ll be happy to help you! :wink: