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[Bug?] Some keyboard shortcuts stopped to work in non-English layout


Hi Balsamiq!

In the new version (3.5.14) some keyboard shortcuts stopped to work when the keyboard layout is set to non-English (e.g. Cyrillic).

Shortcuts that don’t work:
• QuickDraw (R, T, Y + drag)
• Auto-size (Ctrl + Alt + 0) – works only with 0 on the numeric pad with any keyboard layout

Some shortcuts do work. Transform (Ctrl + T) works perfectly.

Probably this due to Adobe Air version? I have the latest one.

Thank you.

I’ve installed Adobe Air bundled version and all the shortcuts work well.


You’re right, @Alexey_Kolchenko, this bug is related to the Adobe Air version used and getting back on version 22 should solve the problem for now, as Brendan mentioned on your other report here:

That being said, we will definitely look for a more permanent solution to this issue. This is already on our list but it may takes some time.

We’ll be here if you need anything else!