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[Bug?] Symbols not panned into view when editing


I have a mockups file with some rather large symbols. I’m finding that whenever I choose to edit a symbol, the screen is blank. I then have to zoom out to see everything (CMD-0), select some part of the symbol I want to edit, and then zoom back in (repeated CMD-+) to get to what I need. I’m pretty sure this used to work fine, so I’m hoping it’s just a regression that can be fixed. I’m using v3.3.3 on a Mac (Yosemite).


Zooming and symbols got a little weird with 3.3.3, I’m really sorry about that. We are working on making it better @Josh_Johnson. Hang tight! :slight_smile:


Thanks for responding Brendan and for confirming that I wasn’t going crazy. :slightly_smiling: Looking forward to the fix.