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[Bug] The last Korean character is removed automatically


The last Korean character is removed after editing.
I have to insert one more dummy character or space to input whole phrase I want to put in.
This is so annoying…

  • In edit mode

  • After editing


I’m sorry about that, @Seojoon_Kim. Let’s see if we can figure out what’s happening here.

Are you on the most up-to-date version of Mockups? I’m having trouble reproducing the bug here, and I want to make sure we are on the same version.

Does anything happen if you try to resize the button?

I definitely want to get this fixed!


In version 3.4.1, there is the same bug. I think It’s about CJK character.


Hi @Hong_Jinwoo,

Thanks for your report! Can you share any content (a specific word or character) that allows to reproduce the issue?

As Brendan mentioned, we are having a hard time to reproduce this one in the latest version and we’d like do everything we can to fix it.


Actually, all the korean characters produce this bug. But you should try to type for yourself, because it is occurred while it is typing. If you copy and paste it, it can’t be reproduced.

Please, try to set your keyboard input as Korean. And type ‘뺄셈’ and click any empty spaces. I think It is hard to try for you. So I uploaded the gif. Check it below link.


Thanks a lot for sharing the details, @Hong_Jinwoo! I was able to reproduce it and passed it on to the dev team to see if we can fix this. I’ll keep you in the loop.