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[BUG] Triangle Bracket Dropped in ComboBox


Sometimes I put a “variable” in a combo box by typing “selection” in triangle brackets (e.g., “<” and “>”) in the field.

This works great in a text input field, but in a combo box, Balsamiq drops the closing bracket, so it looks like this:

as opposed to:

I’ve tried using a backslash to escape it, but that doesn’t work either.


Yep, something is not right there @DanniB - very sorry about that!

We will get it fixed :slight_smile:


I find that the greater than symbol is replaced by a glyph or icon as such:


Yes, please fix; I’m resorting to overlaying a label on the combo box to support this case. I’m using a combo box to select comparison operators so this is a very common scenario for me.


Sorry for the hassle with this one, @Terrence_Jones. It is definitely on our list to fix, since using the \ character should allow to escape this notation.

In the meantime, here are two quick workarounds that may help:

  • remove the space between arrows and text (<B>)
  • make the arrows bold (*<* B *>*)


Please let us know if you need anything else!


Thanks… the bolding a very helpful workaround.

I find that there are other anomalies with the combobox. For example entering the list:

x abc
y abc
z abc

Produces a combo box showing only:

y abc
z abc

Your workarounds apply here as well.

Thanks again


Looks like the combo box needs a lot of love. We will dig into it.