[Bug] Trouble installing update in Desktop app

I was trying to update to the ICONIC update of Wireframes for Desktop and I was able to click on relaunch and update, but ran into an install issue.

I got an error saying Windows Service Pack 1 is not installed and it failed installing.


  1. Download newest version from the website
  2. Close all other windows
  3. Install the standalone installer

I did look at the event log in Windows 10 and it said RADAR something as the error. Windows Error Report logged this as a fault bucket (don’t ask me what that means), but I couldn’t find the failed install mentioned earlier.

Version mentioned above is

Oct 06, 2022 17:12

Sorry for the hiccup, @win7guru!

It sounds like you were able to install version 4.6.1 using your workaround, right?
Please let us know if that’s not the case and we’ll look into it together. I’ll wait for your email reply about the other issues reported.

I was able to install the 4.6.1 version, that is correct. I have sent my email reply about those other issues and I await your response. Thank you in advance.

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