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[Bug] Typing problem on mac osx 10.11.5


I’m using mac osx latest (10.11.5) with 2 language (english + vietnamese),shortcut to switch to next language is ctrl + ⌘ + z , Mockups 3.4.1. And the problem is after i switching between 2 language i can’t input anything on textboxes like quick add or when editing a label. It’s ok after close and re-open. Could you check that.



Hi @dstream,

Sorry for the hassle with this one.

We’ve tried to reproduce the issue here but switching languages seem to be fine using the keyboard shortcut ALT+CMD+SPACE as detailed here.

Can you please give it a try?
Are you seeing the issue if you manually switch from the top menu bar?

The only bug we identified is that Abode AIR sometimes decides to switch on its own but this shouldn’t be an issue anymore once we release our native version (our main focus right now).

Let us know if you are still seeing the issue, we’ll do our best to help with this!


I’ve try it again and I think the problem is the text didn’t appear when i typing (after switch eng-> vne by shortcut key) until i press space key or enter. Could you try again?