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[BUG] Typographic ligatures in fonts break text entry


Many fonts have ligatures where two characters are replaced with a single glyph for improved aesthetic appearance. When a custom font is set for display in Balsamiqs that contains ligatures, text entry can get really weird when using the arrow keys, and sometimes stops working entirely.

To reproduce:

  • Set font to “Lato”
  • Enter the following text into a field “Go figure flame on”
  • Notice the “fi” and “fl” ligatures
  • Cursor through the word and notice that the cursor either skips over the single glyph, or will stop moving occasionally.

Version: 3.4.1 - 05/30/2016 09:48
Adobe Air Player Version: MAC 11,9,900,169


I see it here too, @Colin_Heics. I’m going to double check with the team, but I fear this is a bug in Adobe’s font handler.

This should be better in the native version. I’m really sorry about that.

If I find out something different, I will be sure to post an update. Let me know if you see any other weirdness, my friend.