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[BUG] UI NOT LOADING! || Ever since I downloaded and installed the most recent update, one of my app's interefers massively with the UI of Balsamiq desktop

Windows 10
App which is interfering: CAM | Free PC Monitoring Software | NZXT
Bug: I open Balsamiq and this screen appears: bug-balsamiq — ImgBB

The UI is frozen. Eventually I can move my mouse which makes areas white like this: mouse-drag — ImgBB

I use Balsamiq all day, every day. The only thing that changed was that I installed: version 4.2.1 update.

Help please!

I uninstalled NZXT and now its fine. But that should not happen. It has never happened before, in any software, ever.

Hi @jward01 and thanks for letting us know.

I’ve just tried to install NZXT but I couldn’t reproduce the issue on my end so it might be related to a specific setting of the app.

It might be worth contacting their support about it, it could be a bug they’re aware of.