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[Bug] Unicode displays oddly depending on next line


(This is also present in Balsamiq 2.x.)

Some Unicode characters on the last line of a text area are shown in a different font than elsewhere. The character in question here is ◐ (&#x25D0) and if it is alone on the last line (or with other high-unicode chars) it shows big; otherwise it shows small (see screenshot). Same for lots of others in that area of unicode.

I use a lot of Unicode characters in my mockups as cheap ‘icons’, and this makes things harder…


We’ll take a look at this. You might check out our icons again—we now use the Font Awesome icon pack which gives us many more options. Thanks!


Thanks. I use them inside Grids or other text-based widgets, where using the Icon widget would mean a lot of extra work to keep things lined things up…will definitely check out the new icon choices, though!


I have experienced a similar glitch with “black down-pointing small triangle” (▾). When I use it inside a text label (or other element) that has other content too, it will appear correctly. When I use only this symbol it appears in a weird way (very small and distorted). Both have the same font size.


Good to know. Thanks for the additional information. We’ll take a look!