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BUG: unwantedly saved change



There is a Combobox with some lines in there.

Doubleclick to edit, remove (delete) lines 3-n.

Then “recognize” that you picked the wrong mockup and press “ESC”.

Mockup looks as before.

Then switch to other mockup.

When you return, the edit mentioned above is PERFORMED, despite the ESC and no change having been visible.


Hey Ben,

Sorry about that - definitely not how it should be working!

Are you using the most recent version of Mockups 3? I only ask because this was a bug we thought we squashed, but if it’s still there, we want to get it fixed.

Let me know if 3.3.12 fixes the issue, otherwise we will dig deeper! :slight_smile:


Hello Brendan,

I just tried to reproduce that with 3.3.12, but it did not occur. At least this time.

Consider it fixed until further notice.