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[Bug] URL display bug due to special characters


Hi there,

I have discovered this strange bug when creating a note in Balsamiq 3.3.9. The content is :


This results in a blank note. I have to escape (\) the dashes around the “18” to make it work. Shouldn’t URL in between brackets be taken as they are without any interpretation of special semantics ?



Ugh, we were literally just talking about this. I’m really sorry about that @thomas.

This is what happens when our text formatting collides with the URL markdown - we are trying to figure out how best go about fixing it.

In the mean time, we recommend using a URL shortening service like to eliminate dashes in URLs. It’s a bad workaround, and I’m sorry about that. This is one we want to fix, but have to figure out the best way to do it without blowing other things up.