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[Bug?] Windows task bar name isn't name of project


I find it confusing that the name showing up in Windows task bar is not the name of the project (e.g. the saved file), but rather the name of the individual mockups you’re on. This is confusing, particularly in the example situation I ran into yesterday.

  • I had v1, v2, and v3 mockups (named as such)
  • Inside of those mocukps I had mockups named things like p1, p2, p3
  • I was trying to take parts from v1 and v2 and combine them into v3, but I was continually confused because I couldn’t tell which files they were from the taskbar

Not sure if this is a bug or “feature”, but it would be great if it were a bug to be fixed!


Hi @grebe, the title has the mockup name, then a dash, then the project name, then the project path. Is that not what you’re seeing?


Yes, now that I looked for it, I see that it’s displaying that way. But I have so many applications open in my task bar (10-20 at all times) that I only get the first couple of characters showing on the B3 bar. I’d advocate for the showing name that represents the most significance difference first (e.g. filename), followed by the page name. Doing so would mean I’d be able to quickly see which project was which when wanting to switch between them.