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Bug with copy/paste between wireframes

I believe that the general behavior of copy-and-paste between wireframes is to use the same X/Y coordinates as the source (or it should be, so as to keep wireframe elements consistent between states).

I noted a bug here.

Steps to Reproduce:
Create a wireframe (I’ll refer to as A). Place a Window anywhere. To the left of it, place a Rectangle container
Now, create a new wireframe (B).

From A, copy the Window. Note the X/Y coordinates. Paste this into B, which pastes to the same X/Y position.

Now copy the Rectangle. This time, when pasting into B, it is being pasted inside the Window, instead of its original X/Y.

Expected behavior: ALL elements that are copied and pasted should paste to their original coordinates.

This is with 4.0.25.

That’s a bug indeed, we’ll get it fixed!

Thanks for the report, @biosmonkey!