[Bug] Zoom all to Fit in latest version

For some reason the Zoom all to Fit option does not work consistently still.
All the mock ups do not get zoomed to fit sometimes.
Also the preview of the mock up is lost it shows white background ( this feature works well in 3.2.3 version works well still and is faster compared to the subsequent versions)
The latest version takes a lot of time to do this where 3.2.3 does it quite fast and i feel its more consistent.

Hey @sunny5055.

I’m really sorry about the Zoom to Fit issues, it’s something we are working on right now. The solution we are working on right now should address all of these issues.

As soon as we have a beta version of Mockups with those changes, we will let you know! :smile:

Hey @sunny5055, would it be possible for you to email us your project file? We are having trouble reproducing the preview bug on our end. We wouldn’t share the file with anyone outside of the team, and would discard it as soon as we figured out what the bug was

The reason the newest version takes longer is that Zoom to Fit wasn’t working properly in 3.2.3. It wasn’t zooming mockups correctly under certain circumstances.

I’m sorry again for any hassle this is causing you. But we are working on it :smile:

Sorry I cant send current version which I am working. I will try to put some samples and send it to you soon.

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