Bugs and usability problems of some (missing) features


What i hate

  1. when changing icon of icon+text element, the icon size changes always to the 3rd, instead staying the same. Sometimes it also changes the position of the icon to top!
  2. It is not possible to change type of element - especialy again with the icon and icon plus text - i need to have option to change icon+text to icon only or icon only to icon+text, or any of them to text only. Or text element to change to multiline and vice versa. Or horizontal to vertical rule.
  3. not possible to autosize of multiline elements - should be possible to autosize verticaly or horizontaly
  4. missing “transparency” for many elements that have backgrounds. Every element should have the option to have transparent background!
  5. I hate the new horizontal bar with elements. I have wide short screen, i want the elements on the side!
  6. Tagcloud versus text - they look almost the same and are next to each other in the text group, and i often select one instead of the other
  7. button bar - horizontal only! There is Menu, but it is not web style type of vertical button bar. There is accordion, but it is has that stupid sizing, where an empty space appears after selected element, instead of resizing of the vertical size or padding of the elements.
  8. very limited size of the area - i cannot create verticaly mid to big size pages (news, blogs …, it is limited to cca. 3000 pixels or so!)
  9. breadcrumbs and link bar - the separators are fixed, i would prefer option to select my own
  10. datagrid (i would prefer table as name) - header row is aligned as defined with the {0R} … It should stay as defined in the text definition
  11. datagrid - missing header column
  12. long mockup names - it is not possible to see it - it should appear on hover over mockup
  13. it is not possible to split project into multiple projects, create new project from selected mockups, and/or move mockup to other project (you have to copy and then paste, one by one)
  14. alternate version - it is not possible to promote one into the official without copying it. So every changing of the official it creates a copy. akward
  15. alternate version - it is not possible to create a new mockup from the alternate.
  16. Line is a stupid group - with one element only. Put it to layout or ad e.g. horizontal/vertical rule to it.
  17. it is not possible to change vertical size of input! only by text size but i want to change the padding, not the font size! The same for e.g. search box.
  18. it is not possible to set up vertical alignment of any element! (e.g. for tables)
  19. when editing block of text (stupid name for curvy lines), it converts it into text! I should have option to convert any text into block of curvy lines (change the look of font so that every character would look like a curvy line, preserving color, position, size…). The same with Line of text
  20. it is not possible to have


Wow, @Tomas_Kapler, that is quite the list!

I really appreciate you taking the time to post. This is the type of feedback we love and will help us make Mockups better!

If it is ok with you, I’ll address each of these directly. Makes it easier to organize thoughts.

  1. I’m really sorry you’ve hit this snag. This was a bug in a previous version of Mockups. It should be fixed in the newest version (3.3.5) which you can grab here. Please let me know if you are still seeing this problem after updating!
  2. We recently added the ability to transform controls into other controls, but it’s not super discoverable :(. If you select a control, you can hit CTRL+T (CMD+T on Mac) to start the transform. Select the control type you would like to transform it to, and voila! That will allow you to transform an Icon and Label to just an icon (and vice-versa)
  3. Which one isn’t automatically sizing for you, Tomas? I definitely want to get that fixed for you as all our multi-line controls should auto-size vertically.
  4. Which controls would you like to see transparency on?
  5. I can see how the UI Library would take up valuable screen space on your monitor. I’m sorry about that. You can disable it via the VIEW menu, or by pressing CTRL+L (CMD+L on Mac). The Quick Add field will stick around, so you will still have easy access to all of the controls in the library. Let me know if that works better for you.
  6. Yep, I can see that one for sure. I wonder if allowing the tag cloud to be transformed into a text control would help here. What do you think?
  7. While our button bar is horizontal only, a couple of our users have uploaded vertical options at our Mockups to Go community site. Check out the Vertical Tabs, or the Vertical Buttons, and let me know if those work for you!
  8. Canvas size is something we are looking to increase once we get away from Flash/Air. I’m sorry about the current constraints. But you are not the first person to bring that up, and we hear you! As soon as we can do something about it, we will.
  9. Totally fair request! What kind of separators would you like to see?
  10. I’m a little confused by this one, Tomas. Would you mind posting a screenshot to demonstrate the issue? Are you looking to define the header’s alignment separately from the other columns? (Also, if you search for “table” in the quick search, the Data Grid will show up.)
  11. Yep, I’ll add your vote for that!
  12. Yeah, long names another thing we are going to tackle once we go native. Should be easy to show them on mouse hover. Sorry about the trouble this causing you in the interim.
  13. While you do have to copy them to a new project, they don’t have to be done one by one. If you select multiple mockups, you can drag them to a new project, and that will copy everything over.
  14. This is actually something we changed recently, due to customer feedback. We thought that copying the Official Version would allow it to be preserved, in the case that the new official version is changed, etc. How would you like that to act?
  15. Oh. I like that. I’ll see what we can do!
  16. Yeah, this was a bug. It’s been fixed in our newest version. Sorry about that!
  17. Totally true. I’m sorry about that. I will let the team know that you’d like vertical control for those as well. In the interim, for text input, you could create a rectangle for the size you want, and then put text into it. For the search box, there are some options on Mockups To Go. I’m sorry that those workarounds aren’t perfect, but maybe they will work in a pinch?
  18. What do you mean by this one? Can you give me an example?
  19. The block of text control is just mean to generate a ton of placeholder text. When you edit it, it assumes that you want to put real text in there, and so it converts to a normal text control. You can change it back to a block of text (with dummy text) using the Transform command we talked about above. I’m sorry for the confusion there.
  20. Looks like this one got cut off, so please let me know what you were looking for here.

Thank you again for taking the time to give us your feedback, Tomas. I’m sorry if I have misunderstood any of your requests here - my head is currently swimming in DayQuil. But I want to hear back from you. A lot of great ideas here - I want to flesh them out, and hear more!

Looking forward to chatting, Tomas.


18: Vertical alignment example from Google Drawing

It should be made available on the Text control at least, although Data Grids may also apply. It’s a huge waste of time right now to manually center the text every time the number of lines on within the Text change. Using a shape control is not a valid workaround because you can’t make the border of the shape invisible.