[Bugs] Balsamiq for Confluence editor view

When I edit my balsamiq file by Balsamiq for Confluence, it works but has half veiw.
like this.

It was goot works until so far, but broke in today.

  • Window Desktop
  • Chrome browser
  1. Open Confluence posting.
  2. Press edit button in Balsamiq for Confluence.
  3. Open the new window for Balsamiq for Confluence that has half view.

Hi @yeonkyeong, and sorry for the trouble.

​We’re looking into this issue, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have more details to share. Thanks for the report!

EDIT: This issue was introduced with Atlassian’s latest update, and it affects multiple apps. We’ve reported it to them so that they can work on fixing the issue.

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@yeonkyeong I just wanted to let you know that Atlassian has released a fix for the issue, and the editor now works as expected.

Sorry again for the hassle!