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"Build-In" Balsamiq Template


Hi there,

I’m working on a Balsamiq template for my colleagues, which includes lots of symbols and assets necessary for their fast wireframing. And now I got a question / request from them. They would like to open the Software (and not the project template BMPR file) and to have my template symbols already there. I started working on the template with Balsamiq v.3, however, on the forum I’ve read about the account assets (not sure if it could be the solution for my issue) which are gone in the new version.
So my question is if it’s possible to import my symbols and assets libraries to the particular computers of my colleagues so that by simply starting Balsamiq they would already have them.

Thanks in advance for your reply =)


Hello @Liubi, that’s not possible at the moment.

What you could do is this. It’s a bit convoluted to set up but it might work: :smile:

  • store the shared BMPR template on a shared network drive or in Dropbox
  • add a little shell script that copies the file to the user’s desktop and opens it with Balsamiq Mockups 3 and save it right next to the template. You can call it “Launch Balsamiq From Template” or something like that. :smile:
  • have your colleagues use the script to launch Mockups (they could create a local alias to launch the script easily)


Hallo @peldi,

Thanks a lot for your fast reply! I hope it will help me to solve this little issue, so I’ll talk to some colleagues in the development department if we could create such a script. Another thing is that the majority of the users don’t have administration rights and many things are restricted. And anyway for me personally starting Balsamiq from a file is not a big problem, but some colleagues want to make using of the template maximal user-friendly-simple-and-fool-proof.
So I will consider your solution and thanks again for the help :slight_smile: