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Bulk copy a new symbol in several wireframes

I have some 300 wireframes in my bmpr file (300 because I was forced to duplicate wireframes to simulate multiple navigations).

Now, I just created a new symbol that I want to put in most existing wireframes.

Can I do that as a bulk copy? I want to avoid copying it one by one!

Thanks for sharing your use case for this one, @simple45.

We don’t have an automatic way to add a symbol to multiple wireframes at once but I’ve added your vote for the existing feature request so that we can talk about it more.

On a side note, you might want to split big projects like this one to avoid any performance issues.

Thanks Virgin.

It is not a big project. I was forced to duplicate many wireframes because I had the request to simulate interactions/navigations.
Because the only “dynamic interaction” Balsamiq offers is “link between wireframes”, I had no other choice but to duplicate so much.
Example: just to show a dynamic drop-down select, I have 3 wireframes (I think).

It was either that or forgetting balsamiq :slightly_smiling_face:

I hear you, @simple45. Our tool might feel too limiting if you rely heavily on interactions.

I’m not sure if we mentioned it already or not but we created this page to help folks decide on which type of tool they need. Don’t hesitate to have a look there, we definitely want you to use the tool that works the best for you.