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Buttons toolbar disappear


Does anyone of you experience the following?
Every now and then and quite a lot I must say, the buttons in the Balsamiq upper toolbar disappear. Sometimes it shows part of them and sometimes it shows nothing. sometimes it shows the buttons with a progress bar (loading) but the buttons are not shown.
I’m talking about one instance of the program and it’s not a specific project. It happens every now and then.
I work with a local machine installation (and not via a network installation).


Hi @nzahavi,

Sorry for the hassle.

We had a similar bug in the past but we fixed it in a recent release.

Could you please check on the version you are running?
If not the latest (3.1.8), please update to see if it happens again. Here is the link:

Let me know if you still have the issue, we’ll dig deeper!


I currently use version 3.03 so I’m going to update the version as you suggested and see if the problem is solved.