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Cached versions of Mockups


I duplicated a document to then delete some layouts from it, I was then going to save the two files as separate docs.

The autosave feature has now saved the original with the stuff I needed deleted from it.

Is there a way of retrieving cached versions so I can go back to before the autosave?


Hey @FatMediaTom,

I’m sorry for any hassle this is causing you. Is it possible to use the undo function (CTRL+Z on Windows, CMD+Z on OS X) to roll back the changes you made to the original?

You can also check the local store (there is a link to it on the app’s about page) to see if an older version of the file is still in there. Check the UnsavedProjects folder.

Let me know if either of those worked, Tom.

We are actively working on a snapshot feature for projects (that we hope to ship this fall) to help deal with some of the pain autosave can cause.