Calendar widget


Is there a way to set the selected date in the Calendar widget?


Hey @ikranz!

While we enhanced the Calendar control back in July, it doesn’t have the ability to pick a date. I’m sorry about that. I’ll pass this along to the controls team as something you would like to see!

You could, in the interim, use a transparent rectangle to mark the date like this:

Simply add a rectangle to your canvas, select “No Border” and set the Opacity to 25%. Pick a color, and voila, date marked.

Hopefully this helps, and thanks for the suggestion :). Let us know if you see anything else that would make your mocking up easier :slight_smile:


Where is the calendar widget in MyBalsamiq account?


Hey @jamesj!

You will find the Calendar Control under the “All” filter in your UI Library. You can also search for it from the Quick Add field.

The myBalsamiq Calendar Control is not quite as robust as the Mockups for Desktop version yet, so you may also want ot look at the calendar control that Piet made for our Mockups To Go project:

Here is the FAQ for how to use Mockups To Go controls in your project:, but don’t let that stop you from asking any questions, especially if you run into issues!


No, I do not see the Calendar widget. Here’s a snapshot of the two calendar controls I downloaded from Mocksup To Go and uploaded to my account. My account doesn’t have the standard calendar control from the get go.


Unfortunately, the calendar control on myBalsamiq isn’t the same as the one on Mockups 3 for Desktop. The calendar control on the left in your image is the default calendar in myBalsamiq.

We are working on a huge update for myBalsamiq, and the calendar control will come with that. We are hoping to have more news about that in the next few months.

I’m really sorry for any hassle this causes in the interim, James. But updates are in the works (it’s a massive project, but the majority of our developers are working on it)!



Okay, you all need to be clear on which products are associated with releases/features, etc. I signed up for the myBalsamiq without realizing such limitations. Kinda disappointing.


That’s not what we want at all. Shoot me an email at, and let’s talk about whether or not you’d like to try out a different app.

It’s in our best interest to get you using the app that is best suited to your needs, and we don’t want you paying for something you aren’t 100% happy with.

Get in touch!


Is there a way to at least be able to link something to the calendar for demonstration purposes? For most other boxes and elements of control you can link the element to an existing page but that doesn’t seem to be the case with the calendar element.


Ok, I did the PDF export and it showed up on my android S5 phone just fine and the links between mockup pages worked fine. But the Combo boxes don’t work. They don’t show the different elements of that box that I entered into the Mockup file originally. Is there something I need to do first to make sure they work in the PDF file?
Im using Mockups 3.4.2.


Hey @johnmerritt1007,

If you want to link from the calendar, you can place a transparent, borderless rectangle over the calendar, and use that to link it.

As for the PDF issue, does the combo box work on your computer? If you can, would you mind sending your project and PDF to so that we can investigate?

We will get it sorted! :slight_smile:


Hi Brendan,

Am using the calendar widget with monthly display. Is there a way I can choose the month / year which it displays?
Then I’d do lots more project management / planning with it!



Hey @SeeBee :slight_smile:

There isn’t a way to change the date on the calendar right now (aside from moving your computer’s clock ahead), but I’ll pass your request along to the dev team.

I’m not sure when we will dig into the Calendar Control again, but when we do, we will talk about being able to select a date.

Let us know if there is anything else you’d like to see!


Thanks for getting back so quickly Brendan.

Love the current layout; these are the types of settings I was thinking about:




Do we have Calendar control to change month/year ? can anyone provide an update?


When I select Calendar block , these are the only options i see : image


Hi @aaditya,

While there is no option to change the date in the default calendar control (adding your vote for the feature request), you may want to try using this Mockups to Go element instead.

You’ll find more details about Mockups to Go elements and the way to use them here if needed.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Hope you are doing well.

is there any way to set the “today” date to a specific date? I am working on a prototype and the change of “today” will force me to update the wireframes everyday, as we are testing different behaviour by selecting different dates.




Hi @Mengbing,

As mentioned above, there is no option to change the date in the default calendar control for now but I’m adding your vote for this request.

In the meantime, we do have some Wireframes to Go elements that will allow you to personalize it. See this one or that one.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hi Virgin,

Thank you for your reply.

:wink: I did read your responses above, so my message was to check after 6 months if you have any progress on this topic. And thanks, I will definitely try the Wireframes to Go.

Have a nice day.