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Callouts for close objects on the wireframe

I’m sorry to hear this @simple45 but the issue goes to the heart of our vision as a low-fidelity wireframing tool (as opposed to, say, a more traditional prototyping tool).

It’s a deliberate decision and you may find these couple of links interesting by way of background to our thinking:

It’s possible, if you need more/deeper interaction, that we’re just not the right tool for the job.

Thanks alasdair.
I continue my evaluation. I will let you know if I have other concerns.

At the same time, I will look to upgrade to the last version (even if I am still on a trial), maybe it will resolve my topic related to the pdf export.

For callouts, yes what Alexey explained about callouts from Comments is working, but I am using callouts to refer to some objects, I don’t need comments and I am not using callout-with-comments. It that answers your question?

It does - thank you. If you’re using callout controls then Alexey’s advice is solid.