Can i add my own font to Balsamiq


For a project i have a specific font that i need in my prototype. I can’t find where i can add my own so i hope someone can help


Hi @Jay-jay_Bierhaalder and welcome to our forums! :slight_smile:

Would you mind letting us know which product you are using? Mockups 3 for Desktop maybe?

Since it depends on the product you’re using, I’ll stand by for you reply to share more details about it.


Yes i’m using Mockups 3 for desktop


Thanks, @Jay-jay_Bierhaalder!

In Mockups 3 for Desktop, you can change your project font from the Project Info panel, as detailed here.

Hope this helps!


Yes i found that, but i have an own font that i have on my computer but it is not in Mockups 3, can i import the font?


Is the font installed on your OS font library already?

In case you’ve just installed it, you will need to restart the app for it to show up in the font selection menu.

If the font still doesn’t show up, would you mind sharing it so we can have a closer look?
Feel free to reach out via directly if that’s easier.

Also, let’s make sure that you’re on the latest version (3.5.15).

We’ll do our best to help!


No I dont know where i can install the font


Let’s see: which operating system are you using?


Windows 10


Thanks! Let’s try these steps then. :slight_smile:


It worked! thank you so much this was alot of help!