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Can I cheat the wireframe process by.....?

My Allen Bradley Touch Panel HMI GUI is completely finished.
I have VNC screencaps of everything.
I want to leverage those screencaps to create an interactive Training Manual PDF.
I would prefer NOT to rebuild the entire GUI again in Balsamiq.

Normally we build a wireframe from scratch, adding objects and attaching links through properties.
I want to use an existing GUI screencap as my background without using objects.
Is there a way to specify a rectangular, click in this spot, area I can assign a link action to?
Basically drag an outline around a raster button in the existing image / screencap and make that area linkable?

Am I making sense?
Is it clear what I’m asking to do?
Is there a way to do this I can’t see, or by using minimal wireframing?

Thanks ALL!

Hello @repete4HVT,

Thanks so much for the post and welcome to the forum!

It is possible to import images easily into Balsamiq Mockups 3. See: Working With Images and Assets.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible - using the built-in features, to specify an area in an image as clickable/linkable but you could achieve that effect by overlaying the background image with a transparent shape and make that linkable as outlined here: How to Make Any Control Linkable

Hopefully you can make that work?


That is Brilliant!
Yes it IS possible to cheat!
AND,… using your methodology is NO different than what I was asking for.
Your “shape” IS the clickable area and requires no more effort than defining that area by a mouse drag.
This bypasses ALL properties except Position & Size!

Thank you so much!


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