Can I create my own macros for Balsamiq?


Are we able to create our own text macros for Balsamiq?


Hi @rdegiusti

Thanks for the post!

While we have a couple of simple macros built-in for convenience (e.g. More Macros), there’s no general purpose text macro feature built into the editor.

That said, there are third-party solutions - both free and paid - which should work just fine with our products (e.g. Typinator or Butler)

Would that approach work for you? If I’ve misunderstood or missed something here get back to me, ok?

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Hi Alasdair,

What I was hoping to do was get a macro to show the path in my breadcrumbs.

For example, instead of putting in … Home, Level 1, {mock-up name}

I was hoping I could do something like … {mockup-path}, {mock-up name}

I want something to capture the hierarchy of my page names in Balsamiq.



Hi Ron

Unfortunately, the ‘{mockup-name}’ macro only works in a couple of controls (‘Label’ and ‘Paragraph’). We do have a ‘{mockup-path}’ macro but, again, it only works with those specific controls and only in the myBalsamiq product.

So you could roll your own using those controls. Not ideal but a workaround nonetheless.

I discussed this internally and the functionality was also limited for security reasons - code injection specifically - so
the feature is somewhat limited.

I hate to not have a better answer for you.




Is there any progress on other text macros? I’m specifically interested in {current date} and {last modified date}.


Hi @jheuer

Thanks for the post. I’m not aware of any current plans to expand the text macros we offer. Aside from the security concern touched on above, it strays a little from the core thinking of the product - focus on functionality and ideas in the early stages of development rather than on specifics and specific aspects of visual design.

I know it’s not the answer you’re looking for but I hope you understand the thinking.

All the best,



Makes sense @alasdair. I’m looking for a way of versioning wireframes, in a way that would be visible to reviewers of the PDF. If date could be included on the PDF, that would do it. Or a simple way of adding a date or version number to each page of the mockup. Other suggestions?


Here’s a way to achieve your need, @jheuer: you can include notes to your wireframes.

Those show up for the selected wireframe in the Property Inspector when no controls are selected and there is an option for including the notes to the exported PDF, as shown below.

Hope this helps! Any questions, we’re here.


This is helpful @Virgin but notes are specific to single mockups; I’d love to version the entire file. Any tips for that, besides adding the same note to every mockup (which is no more labor-saving than just modifying the same text control on every mockup in a file).


Hi @jheuer

I understand. I’m sorry this is not ideal - we’re basically working around a feature that you need that we don’t have. Could you add a blank wireframe at the start of each project containing the versioning information for the project? e.g.

When you export to PDF, that wireframe would appear as the first wireframe in the PDF. Would that work?

All the best,