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Can I gray out certain fields based on a checkmark being on or off?

I would like to have certain data entry only appear open when a checkmark is checked.

Hey Brian!

Good question, my friend. While there isn’t a way to set off an interactive trigger like that, you can create an alternate that shows the options greyed out when the checkbox is clicked.

Another option is to duplicate the wireframe and use linking to mimic interactivity. Here is a quick demo of that:

Demo for Brian.pdf (14.5 KB)

Open the PDF and try clicking on the 2nd option in the checkbox list. You will see that it looks like you selected it and the other things became disabled. But. really, you’re just viewing a different wireframe. Here is the project file so you can see how it works:

Demo for Brian.bmpr (108 KB)

Let me know if that helps, Brian.

Thanks Brendan

That should work fine.