Can I run mobile Mockups on phone(s)?


Once I have the BMPR file created (e.g. using Desktop) for a mobile app, can I run it (i.e. “Full Screen Presentation” mode) on an Android and/or a iPhone? i.e. will all the links to screens work as desired?


You won’t be able to run the file natively, @unnimama. But if you export it as a PDF, your collaborators should be able to open and click through it on their phones.

PDFs preserve the links you make in your mockup, so it should work almost identically to the full screen view.

Let me know if that works for you.


Hi, I found a “solution”. I put the file on the Balsamiq Cloud and ran the “Full Screen Presentation” mode from my phone. With a little adjustment, it almost looks like a mobile app: at least good enough to give people an idea.


Ahh, that would work too, @unnimama :). A good catch!