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Can not use in IE11

Currently, I’m using Balsamiq in Confluence (DataCenter) well.

It works well in chrome. However, IE11 does not work.
when I push the Balsamiq button, I can only see ‘initializing…’ and smiling image.

So I want to know why.
Please answer.

[Usage environment]
Confluence Version : 7.4.3 (DataCenter)
Balsamiq Version : 4.1.32

Hi Ethan!

I’ve just replied to your email but I’m sharing the details here as well. :slight_smile:

​Would you mind updating to the latest version (4.1.54) to see if it makes a difference?

​If the issue persists using the latest one, would you mind checking your browser’s console to see if it reveals any error?

​We’ll do our best to help!