Can the quick add menu be made wider to show more of the symbol text

I am making heavy use of symbols (100s) and make use of longer descriptions to allow me to type a few keywords in order to add the right symbol.

The quick add menu is quite narrow and it would be a big improvement to be able to make it wider and show more of the symbol names.

Wrapping the text would show too few elements and likely make it look messy. Even on a small monitor there is plenty of space to show a wider menu.

Is this something that could be brought to a future release?

(Every element I add is via the quick add menu so this would be a big improvement in day to day use.)

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Hi @paulshoughton ,

I see exactly what you mean. I’ve written up an internal ticket so we can discuss this further. Thank you!

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This problem is more challenging when showing symbols in the UI library:

In this instance a single word is visible and the thumbnail image is very difficult to distinguish.

It is very difficult to reuse symbols when there are many of them.

At present my work around is to switch to the symbol library in order to find out the name of the symbol that I can then copy and paste into search back in the wireframes. This really slows down the design process.

Is there a better way of achieving my end goal?

If not is there any progress in making the quick add menu much wider?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I wish there were, Paul. Things will long names are still something we are brainstorming how to deal with.

I’ll give it a nudge and see if it’s something we want to try and tackle again soon.

I know it’s easy to say just make the quick add menu wider but that would be really useful for me.

If it could grow to 50% of the width of the screen it would be a big help. :wink:

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